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Located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, Dallas Sprinkler Repair specializes in providing top-tier sprinkler repair and maintenance services to keep your lawn lush and healthy. With years of expertise in the field, our skilled technicians are committed to delivering efficient, reliable, and affordable solutions for all your sprinkler needs.

  • Local Expertise: As a proud member of the Dallas community, we understand the unique irrigation needs of the area.
  • Quality Service: We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your sprinkler system operates at its best.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our goal is to exceed your expectations with prompt, professional service.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: We advocate for water conservation through efficient sprinkler systems, helping you save on your water bills and protect the environment.
Our Services:


  • Sprinkler Repair: Quick and effective fixes for leaks, broken heads, and more.
  • System Maintenance: Regular check-ups to ensure your system’s longevity.
  • Upgrades and Installations: State-of-the-art sprinkler systems tailored to your lawn’s needs.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Optimization of your system for changing weather conditions.


    Dallas Sprinkler Repair

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    What our Customers Say:

    Excellent Service I have always had a positive experience with Rafael from Dallas Sprinkler Repair. He explains his work and promptly attends to the issue.
    Dallas, TX
    Great Job! Replaced 20 plus year old backflow valve that no longer had shutoff capability. Also discovered T connection to my main water line was leaking. Also 20 plus year old connection. Daniel came at noon and was finished at 5. No leaks!
    Dallas, TX
    Excellent relationship Good work for fair price
    Great service I needed help before the freeze and they worked me into their schedule. Did what they said they would in a timely manner. I’ll be using them again.
    Dallas, TX
    cold weather service Very polite and competent.
    Dallas, TX

    Sprinkler Repair Services in Dallas

    Lawn Sprinkler Repair

    Lawn sprinkler repair and preventative maintenance are a requirement for a healthy, green, and beautiful lawn. Bi-annual tune-ups ensure proper and adequate water coverage. Our technicians use water conserving nozzles and applicators so all the water is used most efficient.

    Sprinkler Valve Repair

    Low or no pressure usually is an indication of a sprinkler valve repair. Our technicians carry all types of valves and parts to ensure a quick and efficient fix. We have a five year warranty on all of our valves. If your valve is stuck open we provide 24 hour emergency service.

    Sprinkler Head Repair

    A broken sprinkler wastes more water than any other part of your system. Sprinkler head repair consists of installing the proper head, changing the nozzles as needed, and maintaining the proper height of the head thru the riser.

    Sprinkler Pipe Repair

    Bubbling water or a wet area is usually the indications of a broken sprinkler pipe. Proper sprinkler pipe repair is our specialty. We use only the best quality pipe and fittings as well as the highest standard in primer and glue.

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    We provide all types of irrigation system repairs.

    • Heads
    • Valves
    • Timers
    • Sprinklers
    • Drip
    • Backflow Certification 

    We service every brand of sprinkler and drip irrigation.

    • Rainbird
    • Hunter
    • Toro
    • Irritrol
    • Weathermatic

    We are a Local Small Business!

    Dallas Sprinkler Repair

    Your Trusted Solution for Lush Lawns and Gardens
    Is your sprinkler system failing to perform? Are you noticing dry spots on your lawn, unexpected water bills, or a constant drip that just won’t quit? Dallas Sprinkler Repair is here to save the day—and your lawn! We provide comprehensive repair services to ensure your sprinkler system operates at peak efficiency, all season long.
    With our timely and professional sprinkler repair services, we’re committed to keeping your green spaces lush and beautiful while promoting sustainable water use. Trust us to be your go-to experts for all sprinkler repair needs in the Dallas area.

    Our Irrigation Services Include:

    Sprinkler Valve Repair: We diagnose and fix valve leaks and malfunctions to restore proper water flow.
    Sprinkler Line Repair: Say goodbye to leaks and water waste with our expert line repair services.
    Sprinkler Head Repair: Ensure even and efficient water distribution with precise head repairs.
    Water Conservation: Our team can adjust and upgrade your system for maximum water efficiency, helping you save money and support environmental sustainability.

    Why Choose Dallas Sprinkler Repair?

    Quality Service: We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service tailored to your system’s unique needs.
    Skilled Technicians: Our team of skilled technicians has the expertise to handle any issue, no matter how complex.
    Prompt and Efficient: We know the value of your time, so we offer timely service that gets your system back up and running quickly.
    Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We stand behind our work and ensure you’re happy with the results.

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